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Step right into Manny Pacquaio’s footwears for eventually, and also you ‘d most likely have problem strolling the following early morning. Throughout a day where he’ll run, spar as well as weight train, Pacquaio drops calories quicker compared to he does challengers – sometimes shedding up to 2,500 calories each exercise.

Yet to keep his 147-pound battling weight, the training is just component of the champion formula. On a lot of days, Pacquaio locates himself fighting a diet regimen over of 7,000 calories – or greater than dual exactly what the regular American consumes.

It’s all component of the regimen that has actually assisted Pacquaio come to be the initial and also just competitor to win in 8 various weight departments. The Pac-Man’s trick? A remarkably basic, yet tasty diet regimen that showcases 2 post-workout dishes – each including a mix of healthy protein and also carbs.

The knockout nourishment strategy begins with oat meal, the one food he consumes after every training session – whether he’s running, boxing or training weights.

“My favored dish for my boxers as well as myself is the post-workout dish: Raw oat meal, nonfat milk, fresh berries and also honey,” claims Los Angeles-based Alexa Ariza, Pacquaio’s stamina and also conditioning trainer. “It’s sluggish prepared in milk; the oats soak up the honey which’s verified to be the most effective dish for quick recuperation throughout camp.”

Along with the carbohydrates from oat meal, Ariza brightens the anabolic possibility of the champ’s post-workout dish with 30 grams of healthy protein in a beverage made from 2 scoops of Designer Whey healthy protein combined with water.

“Pacquaio’s calories are with the roofing system, so he could place in the very same strength the following day and also not wear out. If he’s not striking those calories, he’s melting muscular tissue -and also he can not pay for to do that.”

Why He Loves It

When you educate as typically and also as difficult as Pacquaio, food handles included value. “It [the dish] all interact particularly after an exercise to obtain us all set for later on in the day,” states Ariza. “We readjust dishes depending upon just how the training day appears to be exercising,” Ariza trusts. “Some days, exercises are extreme, specifically initially of camps when Manny is doing stamina and also conditioning, it’s practically like a heck week.”

Yet the oat meal is truly simply an appetiser that gases much more arduous exercises as well as preceedings a 2nd post-training dish that showcases among the champ’s preferred foods.

In the mid-day, Pacquaio visit Wild Card Gym where training sessions in the ring concentrate on a tactical plan produced by train Freddie Roach. There, Pacquaio consumes a 2nd post-workout dish of beef tapa, a Philipino meal of slim strips of sirloin healed in sugar, soy sauce, garlic, and also black pepper that’s steamed and also fried. Sides consist of steamed white rice, tinolang manok, a chicken-based soup with ginger and also environment-friendlies, and also a plate of melon as well as mango.

“Pacquaio’s calories are with the roofing system, so the following day he could place in the very same strength as well as he does not wear out,” states Ariza. “If we’re not striking those calories, Manny’s burning muscle mass and also he cannot manage to do that,” the Colombian-born instructor describes.

Exactly what makes it a healthy and balanced meal?

Kate Matchett, signed up dietitian at Sport CARE at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto explains carb is most the vital nutrient to renew glycogen shops, a professional athlete’s major resource of gas throughout an exercise.

“Oats are excellent carbohydrates. Honey is greater on the glycemic index compared to oats, which suggests post-exercise its quick-acting carbohydrates bring back glycogen shops much faster due to the fact that honey is simpler to absorb compared to slow-acting carbohydrates,” Matchett claims. “Milk as well as the beverage mix include healthy protein to fix muscle mass damages; berries include anti-oxidants to sustain a healthy and balanced body immune system.”

Ways to make the dish also healthier?

Pacquaio can integrate much more food-based healthy protein in the dish by including skim milk powder or some nut butter.”Both include taste as well as healthy and balanced fats for professional athletes that call for greater than non-athletes,”Matchett states.” Manny can thaw in peanut, almond or pecan butter when the oats are practically prepared.”Ultimately, Matchett recommends that if a professional athlete is not sustaining suitably post exercise, they will certainly most likely to following exercise diminished.

“Manny can pay for the additional calories by covering the oat meal with dried out cranberries, walnuts or seeds. This is a straightforward method to include energy-dense foods that assist fulfill his overall calorie should take full advantage of nourishment and also stop tiredness.”

Alex Ariza’s Oatmeal Recipe Active ingredients:

1 mug of raw oats

1 tbsp of honey

1 mug of non-fat milk

1/2 mug blended berries


Combine all active ingredients, allowing the combination chef for 20 mins; offer.

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